Thursday, December 15, 2022

Episode 310: Cruising Through Crucible of Steel

Holiday greetings to you all! This is the season for joy and gladness, before
the great grey days of the New Year that will inevitably arrive for many of us. 
Mike Ryzy and John Harmeyer drop by the broadcast foxhole and present their view of Bounding Fire Productions fantastic Crucible of Steel. Mike and John played all 32 scenarios in chronological order and using a campaign system that Mike modified from The Long March by Heat of Battle.  Yes, you heard that right, ALL 32.  

But first, how about some letters?  It's been awhile since we shared some.


0:40 Bantero
8:00 Letters
23:30 Crucible of Steel Talk
1:00:11 Total Running Time


1 comment:

  1. Dave and Jeff,
    Another excellent Episode. I've heard from VLAD here in the Philippines. He's up Northeast of where I live now but recommended VASSAL which I'll have to learn. Jeff forgot my name but he has my copy of AH's version of Red Barricades according to you Dave. I've donated the AH ASL games when replaced by MMP to use as needed for The 2 Half-Squads. Missed the "Sword & Fire Manila" game from MMP somehow. Will try and get that rectified. Roll low and Rally well and keep up the great work!