Sunday, December 3, 2023

Episode 332: Orsogna Knights

Join us as we take a shot at the firing modifiers from Chapter C Rule 6; Target-Based to Hit Determination DRM. Hard to believe that we haven't covered those in the previous 331 shows. The Box contains the new Orsogna from Advancing Fire. The Knights of the Podcast Table song was written by Dennis Donovan of course. He is indefatigable. If you want to get an early Christmas gift copy of Dzerhezinsky Tractor Works from Critical Hit, find the contest announcement in this show.
Knights of the ASL Table lyrics
We’re the Knights of the ASL table. We play when ere we’re able.
We do our thing on the podcast scene, and our work is im-pec-cable.
In Chicago land we play a lot. You'll hear “PaK” and “stack” and “FAQ” a lot!
We’re Knights of the ASL table. Our shows, in-val-ue-able.
And many times, our banter shines in ways un-for-get-able.
We like to say “Sha-ZAM!” a lot. We shoot from the tree tops a looooooot.
Our French accents are fable. They’re quite in-de-scribe-able.
Between our casts we have a blast, saying “in-defa-ti-gable!”
It’s busy when you play a lot. We two say "multi-man" a looooooooot.

:03 Song
1:10 Chitty-Chitty Chat Chat
15:00 What's in the Box?
31:30 Rules
1:05:55 Total Running Time


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