Thursday, November 16, 2023

Episode 331: Ring of Tinnitus

We are so glad that all of the Halloween "Spooktackular" advertisements stuff is over! Please enjoy the opening song repeated from episode 65. There are some interesting and entertaining letters. Our AFV segment takes a look at the M3 and M3A1. Lastly, Jeff and Dave take a look at a playing of Operation Neptune's ON-6. 

The Board

End of Game

Just before last Close Combat


00:01 The Ring of Fire with Lyrics by Dennis Donovan; Performed by J. Cash (originally appeared in Episode 65)
3:10 Small Talk
14:10 Contest Winner Announced
15:45 Letters
18:30 Armored Fighting Vehicles
41:10 After Action Report on ON-6 Sweeping West
57:05 Total Running Time

SONG LYRICS (lyrics by Dennis Donovan)
My friend, make sure to bring           
Scenarios, that have some bling       
FTs and barb-ed wire
Just like the one called Ring of Fire

I want to play K.E.’s Ring of Fire!
I said, ‘wow!’, ‘Wow!’, ‘WOW!’, and my voice got higher
It’s 6 turns, turns, turns, down to the wire
The Ring of Fire

I talked him into playing Ring of Fire
I’ll throw down, down, down, when the stakes get higher
And he’ll learn, learn, learn, baptism of fire
Trial by fire.

T. O. T. 4-0 is sweet
S.S. and Brits do meet
Old French tanks with F.Ts?  Wild!
Oh, and ECs are mild
I thought I could fight fire with fire
In the town, town, town and break the quagmire
And got burned, burned, burned, but his first fire
& Subsequent Fire                              
I attacked as the Brits into the ring of fire
Morale went down, down, down when things got dire
And I yearned, yearned, yearned, artillery fire
In this funeral pyre
And got burned, burned, burned in Ring of Fire
In Ring of Fire
In Ring of Fire

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