Sunday, July 2, 2023

Episode 323: Bungly in the Jungly

Scenario ON-3 from Operation Neptune
This show's opening number originally appeared in the middle of Episode 50. It is called Bungle in the Jungle with lyrics by Dennis Donovan and performed by one of the worst of The 2 Half-Squad Singers. Letters includes a Robert Barratt's report on the CA guys game day on the USS Iowa. 18 gents gaming away. Amazing! Also David Wiley shares how he got into this hobby, and more. 

Today's Rules segment gets us started on the long awaited rule 25:Nationality Distinctions. Lately Dave and Dave finished Scenario ON-3 Stuck Ducks and we take a look at how that went.  


00:01 Bungle in the Jungle Song Lyrics by Dennis Donovan; Sung by The 2 Half-Squad Singers
3:30 Banter
14:44 Letters
25:15 Rules
48:30 What Have You Been Playin Lately?
58:10 Winner Announced
58:45 Total Running Time
Richard's Picture of USS Iowa

Thinking ‘bout forests of palm trees and collapsed huts
Picked up Code of Bushido (forget ‘bout the rent!)
Down at the game store – got it last Friday
Driving me nuts –waiting for ASL Sundays
Japs and Marines, H-T-H in the jungle
It’s wild and crazy, as are we: “Gung Ho!”
Let’s play Bungle in the Jungle, well, that sounds good to me!
Its ASL scenario
Number sixty-two or sixty-three
It takes place in Burma, 1942
PTO rules in effect, including light jungle
Brits are attacking and the Japs are defending
HA-GOs vs. Stuarts couldn’t be cooler
Our usual wager? “I’ll bet you a dinner.”
This game that we zealots play is a winner
Let’s play Bungle in the Jungle, well, I want the Japanese!
A 2 6 point 5 for balance
With a dr when we disagree
OOB’s full of Desert Rat nasties
I’ll have to ambush him in the kunai grass
He’s a master of ARTY and loves overruns
My emplaced AT Gun rookies lie waiting for him
to light up his Stuarts
spell out his doom
But my plan turned to crap now I sing a new tune!

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