Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Episode 322: Rally Phase A la Gaga

We rally hope you rally liked the Rally Phase song by Dennis Donovan that opened this episode. If you ever find yourself wondering what actions you can take in the Rally Phase just pull this episode up on your phone and have a listen. It will remind you of all the wonderous possibilities. And your opponents will not think less of you, will they?

If you would like a review of the rules that might apply when you capture your opponents cool stuff, then check out the "Rules" segment on captured and unqualified possession.  No, the word possession does not refer to the demonic kind. 

We hope the cool opening song, a new segment and a longer show time make up for the rather long banter at the beginning. The new segment is Armored Fighting Vehicles, in which we take a look at the statistics and history of our various Advanced Squad Leader 5/8 inch counters!

00:01 Rally Phase Song
4:30 Banter
18:00 Contest Announced
22:20 Rules
48:30 AFV (Panzer I B)
1:00:06 Total Running Time

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  1. In the second photo, Jeff demonstrates one of the most important, yet unheralded tasks, of the AFV Commander. The "Boosting up" of the R's in PRC. Professionalism and courtesy on the part of the Commander during this task is not just expected of him by higher brass, but crucial to maintaining a good sense of unity with the R's of PRC. For it is these initial images of professionalism and courtesy that set a high enough standard for the "evening out" that occurs when the Commander dismounts the R's of PRC by moving his turret, or ordering his driver into the woods, because, heaven forbid, he spend a couple of Movement Points.

  2. I don't know if links work in the comments, however, I found a fascinating page on the M60 tank in the photo. The engineering of these machines is incredible! I am probably the least "AFV literate" ASL player of all time, so I am extra wowwed by what is in the article, and most importantly, the pictures and diagrams.

  3. We will post that link on the M60 on Episode 323 also.