Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our New Podcast Home

Well, we're settling in nicely to our new web home. We still have a few "Extra" episodes to post and hope to get those up by this weekend.

There are some further technical issues we have to consider regarding this site and the related hosting services for the audio. Our goal is to be able to adjust these details with little -- or NO -- noticeable impact to our listeners.

Whatever goes on behind the scenes here, you can be sure

  • we will always be "The 2 Half-Squads"
  • our web address will always be
  • our email address will always be
  • we will continue to try to provide fun, interesting and informative content about the greatest game in the world, "Advanced Squad Leader".

Thanks for listening.

Roll low, and Rally well!

Dave and Jeff
The 2 Half-Squads


  1. I'm glad you're working on the new site. I know it's a lot of work to do this, especially with all the content you've got.

    A new beginning for T2HS!
    Thank you again for this tremendous reasource.

    Excited to be your first commenter on the new site.

  2. Jeff and Dave, all the best on the new website home! I am listening to episode 28, and just cracked a beer with you two (clink... and drink!). Keep up the great work, you guys are hilarious - even if I don't play ASL. Rock on, Robin (wife of the famous 2 Half Squad host, Jeff Hallett)

  3. I'm new to ASL (only about 2 months now) and I'm really enjoying your podcasts. I downloaded all of them up to #25 while I was counter clipping my copy of Yanks.I just finished listening to episode 13 gearing up for my first attempt at tanks this weekend. I'm glad you were able to get the new site set up. Thanks for all of your work on the show! I wish you an easy transition to the new site!

  4. We're happy to see people are finding us OK. Thanks to Todd, Robin (honey pie) and Brandon for your thoughts. They help us rally well.

  5. I just finished listening to the last episode and checked back for more. Then I read about the mess on the podbean site and went here...
    I'm glad you're getting along well with your new site. Greetings and best wishes from northern Germany with a cool L├╝bzer Pils in my Hand!

    Martin W.

  6. Dear Gang:

    I was starting to go through a little bit of withdrawal. First, there was a month between episodes. Second, podbean went down right after Boardgame Podcasts posted your new episode.

    I was in pretty bad shape by then. I tried listening to the new Noise Before Defeat podcast, but it was sort of like the methadone dilemma. That is, would heroin be so expensive if methadone really worked? I think not.

    David L.

  7. Hi Guys,

    Shame about podbean - but it could be for the best!!!

    Very excited to see your own site emerging.

    Good luck with it and thnaks for all your hard work.

    By the way you excelled yourselves with your "Python" opening to the latest podcast - I am still smiling!!!



  8. I am unable to download or update the podcasts since you moved to the new site. Any Idea on what I am doing or not doing that prevents me adding show to my ipod?

  9. How about naming your basement

    "The Sangar"

  10. Any idea when all the "Extras" will be posted? Glad to see the new site, it was very hard to get the podcasts onto my Google Phone.

  11. Hey guys
    Which is the new URL for your new site?


  12. Will you still be feeding thru iTunes?

  13. I think we've got the iTunes issue handled. Check out our front page in the right column under "Subscribe with iTunes." Thanks for your patience.

    For your web browsers, please update your Favorites or Bookmarks to our permanent home,

    Thanks all!

  14. Love the show! you now caused me to have the fever. I moved to Chicago from Boulder, Co 7 years ago and in my trying to reduce clutter in packing I gave away all my war games including 1st edition Squad Leader.
    Now I'm getting myself back in the game.. Let's roll

  15. Thanks. Used the iTunes link and will download all the ep's and give you feedback vs the older version. I just found out about the "independence" you declared from the MasterPod yesterday while browsing on my iPhone. Was the iTunes link there the whole time? This is the first time I pulled up your site on a browser (vs iPhone's Safari). All I saw was a broken link pic from that, the pic's, etc. I guess 3" browsers DO have limitations.

  16. Happy Holidays Jeff and Dave, thanks for brightening up the hobby!

    Mark Humphries
    Manila, Philippines

  17. Dear Gang:

    First, happy holidays. I hope you are doing well.

    Second, please do not tweet that you are recording an episode. Every time you have done this, it is at least a week (sometimes two or more) before the episode is finally posted. It is highly aggravating.

    I realize that you do this for free, and I certainly don't feel like I am "owed" anything. This is a busy time of year, flu season, etc. Still, nothing is worse than frustrated expectations.

    Your Friend,
    David L.