Monday, February 15, 2010

ASL Extra #10: Red Don

It has been a while since our last Extra and it feels good to offer this one up for your approval. This scenario is from Few Returned: ASL Action Pack 3's "Red Don". It looked like it would be fun to play -- and it was! Mimicking the Chicago weather, it was a cold and windy dawning as Jeff's Russians attacked across a frozen river with Dave's Italians set to stop the onslaught and defend the heights.

So come on in and learn a few tips about how to play ASL.....or is that how NOT to play ASL?

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  1. Great listen... where are the photos you mentioned? I kept looking at my iPhone at work while listening hoping I would see a picture of the board... only I was "denied" satisfaction each time. :)

  2. The photos appear in the box/display above the play button. They appear after the set up description begins. You can also get to them by clicking on the photo gallery and when the screen goes black, you click on the white "the2halfsquads" link. That seems to take you to the flicker site.

  3. Too bad, Jeff, that you couldn't break that HMG behind all the wire. He was really pinning you down. I was rooting for you!

  4. Hey Guys enjoyed the Extra and would like to point out Dave's voice in the intro. is eerily reminisent of the Buffalo Bill "lip stick" scene in Silence of the Lambs!! Sorry Dave I dont't think thats exactly what you were goin for... Though it is funny thinking of Buffalo Bill reading an ASL scenario card! Keep up the good work guys, I'm a HUGE fan and think the show is informative and funny.

  5. I might have heard this wrong but did some Russians set up on the islands - surely that's not "east of the river"?