Friday, August 26, 2011

Episode 54: Back to [Battle] School

This episode is loaded with ASL goodness! This time when we look in that oh-so-famous "box", we find MMP's Out of the Bunker. It's a great collection of scenario gems that were previously released in the "Dispatches from the Bunker" newsletter from way back when. Yet another song entry is performed for your enjoyment -- and we use that term loosely. You just can't beat that for your entertainment dollar. A new segment called "Terrain Time" makes it's debut. Let us know what you think of it. We conclude this episode with an interview with Chris Doary of Battleschool. It may be time to remove that dunce cap and get a proper ASL eddication. Knowledge is good!

6:00 - Letters
20:00 - What We've Been Playing Lately
37:00 - What's in the Box? and SK Board Review
56:45 - Terrain Time
1:04:00 - Song
1:06:35 - Chris Doary Interview
1:43:20 - Total Running Time

SONG LYRICS (sung to "The Lumberjack Song")
I play ASL and that's OK.
I play all night and I play all day

I move my troops, I rally well, I fire my panzerfausts
When opponents get too cocky, I bombard them to heck!

I rally well, I shoot big guns, I blitz my tanks alot
and if there's too much open, I lay the smoke I've got

I shoot big guns, MG's get rate, And often just for fun
I'll play in Frenchmen's clothing, and surrender on turn one!

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  1. The sound on this episode is a little strange. We're trying to figure out why and fix it.

  2. Thanks for another great episode guys. I didn't notice any issues with the sound.

    It was great to hear more about what Chris is doing with Battleschool. I can't wait to see what they come up with.

  3. Thanks for the note, Bryan. We're glad you didn't notice anything with the sound. Perhaps we are being too picky.
    We're glad you enjoyed the episode. It's hard to believe it's been 10 months since we did that interview with Chris. Time is just flying by. We better play more ASL!
    Jeff & Dave

  4. I have to agree with Bryan, another great episode. Roll low guys!!