Saturday, February 4, 2012

Episode 62: Starry, Starry Starshell

It is not Night Part 2. It is a sad, sad, day. Jeff has been called into work on the night we are scheduled to record Episode 62, and Dave is faced with a difficult decision. Should he wait to record with Jeff, or carry on, at the risk of producing a rather boring show? Dave has chosen (maybe unwisely) to forge ahead on his own. This very episode is the result of that decision. On the plus side, this episode does bring you a look at the Allied Minor AFV cards from Fanatic Enterprises (out of print but available from Alex Key), and a one sided Movie Review of Von Ryan's Express. Many listeners will enjoy the song Houlie Dice.  There is a nice Starshell Tutorial that can teach you about those bright things in the night sky. Though you haven't heard the starshell rules explained in Night Part 2 yet, you will still find the tutorial informative. Dave also discusses the PAASL Club and hopes you will be encouraged to start your own.


2:00 Letters
12:00 What's in the Box
19:00 Movie Review
27:00 Houlie Dice Song
29:00 PAASL - Start Your Own ASL Club
41:00 Starshell Tutorial
57:00 Total Running Time

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  1. OMG that song were awful....evidently song writing is NOT my forte.....Thanks for trying to turn that pigs ear into a silk purse.

  2. Earthpig ? It is positively porcine around here. The Flying Pig just turned 48. Old enough to know better. Good effort , Dave. The show is different as "the one half squad" but still informative. I liked it.

  3. Hi Dave - I sent you a quick e-mail to say that I think something might be wrong with the iTunes feed of the podcast. I'm not able to get most of the episodes via iTunes. Then again, it might just be me :)

  4. Great rendition of that dice rolling song Dave! You are awesome.

  5. since i listened to the song i get to ask a serious question. Where may I find good aars of ASL where folks tale images and perhaps write a little narrative?
    I'm looking to expand my content on the The Big Board Blog to include a series dedicated to or a page dedicated to ASL fans, their stories and their game.

  6. There are a few in the links on the right side of our site. Try...

  7. You should prerecord snippets of banter for emergencies like that; banterless 2HS is a sad and lonely podcast.