Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Episode 63: ASL Night Fever

Don't stray too far from this podcast, because it is time for Night Part 2, and we couldn't get all of the night rules into this episode, as much as we tried, which means that you can expect Night Part 3, sometime soon.

AFV Logic Card w/Overlay
You may be all jittery and wondering what other ASL info consumed the time allotted to this podcast, besides discovering who is lax at night. Well, this episode brings you a look at What's in the Box with the marvelous AFV Logic Basic Plus cards from Countersmith Workshop. (Thank you Countersmith for sending this amazing set for review.) This episode's song offering is OBA From the Sky written by Troy Nordine.
Dave's American Bison 

8:23 Letters
27:30 What's in the Box?
40:25 "OBA From the Sky" Song
46:00 Night Part 2
1:22:30 Total Running Time

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  1. Bison - alas ...out of stock. Very nice though. Friendlier on the carpet. Can be driven by chimps, too.


  2. FYI - German mg42 does not sound "pop pop pop" ...rather it sounds like a zipper. It fires upwards of 20 rounds per second. 1200+ rounds/minute for an extremely high cyclic rate of fire. The sound is "distinct."