Saturday, February 25, 2012

Episode 64: Nights in White Phosphorous

Sadly, we say farewell to an Advanced Squad Leader legend, Bill "Fish" Conner, who, along with Daryl Burke, was responsible for starting the ASLOK tournament. We hardly knew him, yet still feel the loss.  

As for the rest of the episode, shoot a Starshell into the air so you can see clearly. Gunflashes be darned! We are going to fire from the hip and bring you the long awaited final installment of the Night Rules. First, Jeff brings his review of Von Ryan's Express, followed by a look at Gun Flash, Starshell and Illuminating Rounds. Terrain Time covers Shellholes, so you can become a little more adept at getting in and out of them. Go ahead and jump out of that shellhole -- we promise to not shoot!

2:00 - Farewell to Bill "Fish" Conner
8:00 - Jeff discusses "Von Ryan's Express"
14:50 - Night Rules pt. 3
47:30 - Terrain Time: Shellholes
58:00 - Total Running Time



  1. 2 thumbs up for Von Ryan's Express here too. Good job over the last 3 episode's on night. My I suggest a movie to watch, "Force 10 from Navarone". Great cast, and a great story. Keep up the great work and keep rolling low.

  2. Thanks for the great podcast guys. Have reentered ASL over last few months and am now into the full rules. Quick comment on shellholes. I understood you to say that shellholes do not stop interdiction during the route phase. That is true if the unit expends only COT to enter the hex. The unit does have the option in the Rtph (not Mph) to simultaneously add 1 mf to the cost of the hex to enter the shellhole immediately and, thus, not suffer interdiction (A10.531 w/ ex). Thanks again for making the game even more enjoyable.


  3. Hahaha. The Bohemian Rhaposody bit made me laugh out loud. at work. where it's quiet.
    Love the show and the banter you guys have. This is one of my favorite podcasts.