Sunday, April 29, 2012

Episode 67: ASL Open 2012

Welcome to the ASL Open 2012 as reported through the mics of Dave and Jeff. We managed to snag several interesting interviews and, in the midst of the madness, we were able to take a look at this year's Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #3. Here is a sparsely edited, sometimes raw, look at the Advanced Squad Leader tournament for the Chicagoland area. Listen to Rich Domovich discuss the difference between a U.S. tournament and a European one. Tourney newbie Patrick Martin tells a familiar tale that ends well. Bob Bendis offers some great advice on how to win a tournament. And much more . . .

Photos courtesy of David Goldman
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Bob Holmstrom: Winner
of the ASL Open

Here are the auction items:
Squad Leader - the Avalon Hill original. Used, good condition, missing some counters, Dave's not sure which ones but has them most likely.
Cross of Iron - the Avalon Hill expansion for above. Used, good condition, missing a counter.
For King and Country - the ASL module. New, un-punched.

2:10 Mark DeVries Interview
16:10 What's in the Box?
29:15 David Goldman Interview
43:45 Rich Domovich Interview
52:00 Bob Holmstrom Interview
57:30 Patrick Martin Interview
1:03:30 Doug Gries Inteview
1:06:50  What Dave and Jeff Played at the Open
1:09:30 Bob Bendis Interview
1:20:38 Total Running Time

The Wargame Room
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  1. excellent episode. will be going to a small asl tourney in nashville, my first one!

    keep the interviews coming.