Monday, May 7, 2012

Episode 68: Stahlwart Stahler

Photo courtesy of Jim Stahler
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Not content with the ton of interviews we snagged at the ASL Open, we pursued another ASL legend, Jim Stahler.  After a near miss we made a connection with the man responsible for the Chapter K Training Manual for the Advanced Squad Leader Rule Book. Jim has also authored several articles for the Journal/Annual, and he has a big -- nay, GIGANTIC -- ASL project in the works that you can hear about here. Wow! This is one interview you won't want to miss.

And here's just a reminder that your chances to bid in the first T2HS Auction will soon be over. Email or tweet us with your bid(s), then watch our Twitter
feed for updates so you'll have a chance to bid again if you like. Items will go to the highest bidders on May 15th 2012. This is a great opportunity to get some great stuff and help out The 2 Half-Squads at the same time.

Here are the auction items:
Squad Leader - the Avalon Hill original. Used, good condition, might be missing some counters. 
Cross of Iron - the Avalon Hill expansion for above. Used, good condition, missing a counter.
For King and Country - the ASL module. New, un-punched.

6:10 Letters
19:30 Jim Stahler Interview
1:16:30 Total Running Time

Brits hope to dig up Spitfires

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  1. Hi Jeff & Dave,

    Fascinating interview. My jaw dropped to the floor when Jim Stahler mentioned his six-volume ASL opus. Makes my mind swim, can't wait!

    If you have the time could you please mention the new Global ASL Ladder in one of your upcoming episodes. The url is

    Keep up the great work,

    Mark Humphries
    Manila, Philippines

  2. Jeff and Dave:

    Thanks for interviewing him! Sorry I didn't have his phone number readily available. He is a very gracious player/teacher and if you are in northern VA (Fairfax) you should play him at Roger Nord's house (aka Army Group Nord back in the 80's).

    Nelson Isada
    Anchorage, AK

  3. This was a great interview. You guys are beginning to put together a great set of "Oral History of ASL" with key developers/designers. Hill, Dalglish, Stahler, Conner, to name some - just a fascinating group of interviews. Keep these up!



  4. Hi guys:

    Excellent work as usual.
    Did Jim say anything about finishing Chapter K (meaning AFV combat, OBA, Night, PTO, etc.) ? - or is Chp K. dead project ?

    I still read Chapter K, excellent article for noobie like myself.
    Sorry to hear about Charlie :< ....

    BTW: I hate to admit this but I selected "informative" and "interesting"

    Sunny Los Angeles
    Age: 43

  5. Btw, here's a list of all the original Squad Leader scenarios (and their corresponding ASL IDs) that have been updated by Jim, and in which modules you can find them. You can sort and filter the list to your liking or you can switch to spreadsheet view and download the excel sheet.

  6. Great show once again. I'm really glad Jim is updating the rest of the old SL scenarios, a lot of great stuff there and good to have it available in ASL. I was also pretty stunned to hear about the six-volume ASL opus. Boy I really hope this one sees the light of day, but with the printing cost and the number of sales you could expect, I just don't know. Perhaps it could make it to the web somehow.