Sunday, March 31, 2013

Episode 88: Broadway Dracula

Dave's Model of Dracula.
Choosing a title for an episode can be challenging -- especially when we can't figure out what we blathered on about for 90 minutes. So sometimes it's easiest to just dip in and grab a bite, which we have done here. And with vampires being all the rage on TV and movies, we just might lure a few new listeners to the show. Imagine the horror when they realize we're talking about a war game.

But rest assured, while we do actually discuss Broadway Dracula -- and a lot of other crazy stuff -- we still pay plenty attention to Advanced Squad Leader.

We start with letters of course, which is always a treat. Thank you to all who write us. And thank goodness for gmail filters which have been great at shielding us from all the hate mail. Then, there's plenty to discuss with What Have You Been Playing Lately? But Dave steals the show with a bountiful What's In The Box.

Enjoy. And that's an order!

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Episode 87: 20% About the Greatest Game in the World

Well, 20% about Advanced Squad Leader ain't fact we think this episode is downright good.  We let the Letters dictate the ASL content of most of this episode, and cover a potpourri of interesting and arcane topics.  You won't want to miss the discussion of some Irish beverages or the book reviews of The Angry Hills and With the Old Breed.  Jeff is unable to remove his critics hat and continues with a review of the MGM film Attack! Dave just can't stop with the Red Barricades info and covers the footnotes to RB Chapter O.

2:00 Random Thoughts
17:00 Letters
39:00 Whatcha Been Drinking Lately?
43:00 Book Reviews
1:04:00 A Discussion About Teaching WWII
1:06:00 Film Review Attack!
1:15:00 Red Barricades Footnotes
1:31:30 Total Running Time

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