Friday, October 18, 2013

Episode 103: Rally 'Round the Rising Sun

Hello everyone. How are you today? We are fine. Really, we are fine.  Because the long awaited Rising Sun has arrived on our doorstep.  We dig into it on this show, and there is a lot of it. But first we read some wonderful letters, and take a look at some interesting scenarios, while discussing what we've been playing lately on the Advanced Squad Leader front.  Rise On!
Dave gleefully opens Rising Sun.
Beer Run (look closely at the "bombs")

0:03 ASL Song "I Ran"
3:30 What's With All This Banter?
12:13  Letters of All Sorts
34:10 What'cha Been Playing Lately?
45:25 What's in the Box?
1:04:06 Total Running Time

JD JESTER Tutorials  
Rising Sun on Triple Point Blank Fire Blog
Rising Sun on Boardgame Geek 

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  1. GREAT opening song! Definitely worthy of an accompanying video. Nice batch of letters from your fans, AND the much awaited "Rising Sun" what's in the box.
    BRAVO, Jeff and Dave!

  2. Awesome as always. I was catching up tonight listening to 102 and 103...and hearing my name on 102 was pretty dang cool.

    Kermit Scott Mullins (aka Grumble Jones). Thanks for all you guys do!

  3. I WANT THE MTV VIDEO posted on YOU TUBE!!

  4. Another great episode! I am a bit jealous, as I had to cancel my pre-order for Rising Sun. I loved the song!

  5. I enjoy listening to your show but was disappointed with the political commentary that seems to creep into the show from time to time. If I want politics I can go somewhere else for that. I come here to listen about ASL. Why put off potential listeners who may not share your political views.

    Regarding the method of carrying the beer kegs, the correct aviation term is Bomb rack(s) and not bomb grippers. 


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  7. Hey guys : GREAT podcasts!!! Your going over various parts of the rulebook from episode to episode helps me greatly when learning it myself. Plus they remind me of details I missed. Thanks and I look forward to episode 200 soon!! :D

    I have a RISING SUN unboxing in my blog

  8. Nice episode; really enjoyed it. In view of the criticism I had to mark informative, interesting -AND- funny.
    However I do reserve the right to chance my mind and hit 'dull'

    Keep up the 'dull' work gentlemen. Matt from Sunny LA

  9. I'm trying not to laugh out loud while passing through the canned fruit aisle (grocery shopping this morning) when episode 102 ended and 103 kicked in with that Flock of Seagulls' tune. (OK,the lady stocking shelves just asked me to move....) Roll low.