Thursday, January 30, 2014

Episode 108: The Invisible Man and Other Models there anybody out there?  Oh, there you are. We couldn't see you at first.
We think you will enjoy this episode even though it contains an inordinate amount of banter and goofy chit-chat. Unless you think Munster model talk isn't goofy.

First we chunk through a slew of letters -- and those letters cover a lot of Advanced Squad Leader topics of interest. Dave and Jeff have started play of the large scenario, God Save the King and we discuss that event during the What Have You Been Playing Lately? segment. By popular demand Box Art Review makes its long awaited return. Get out your pens and paper and prepare to take notes. There'll be a test at the end of Episode 200.

We hope to see you at the ASL Open during the weekend of April 12th!

Our game of God Save the King.

12:06  Letters
39:45 New Contest Announced
40:00  Wut U Bin Plain Lately?
56:10  Box Art Review: Journal 10
1:06:35 Total running time

ASL Open 2014 
Ernie Pyle Museum
Link 1 to Malaya Madness
Link 2 to Malaya Madness
Sergy Larankov Photography
David Pentland Art

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  1. Non-ASL, but I just happened across this site randomly and it made me think of Dave:

  2. Thanks guys for so many episodes of ASL goodness. I just spent 4 1/2 hours scanning scenarios, doing VASL logfiles and listening to the 2HS podcasts while waiting for tradesmen to fix stuff around the house. Time well spent. Some of the best stuff lately has been the POLITICAL commentary with reference to the journal "box art" reviews - so funny I had to play it for my wife. She thought it was pretty good too.

    I sent an email way back in August 2009 that featured in one of your episodes. Keep up the good work, and if you're at ASLOK this year I'll buy you a beer (each!) Clink and drink.

    Adam Lunney

  3. I know I am just one insignificant listener but sad to say I am moving on from T2HS. It is containing less and less ASL content and more and more non ASL. Thank you for some good memories and no hard feelings but the show is no longer entertaining. Best wishes.

  4. OK now I feel guilty for saying "Non-ASL"...

  5. Thanks for the link, David. That guy's modeling skills are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. His models are better than real life!

    Thanks to you too, Adam. We're glad to have entertained you. And what a good sport your wife is for indulging your hobby. We're going to try to get to ASLOK this year for sure. But please, let us buy YOU a beer after that long journey.

    Sorry to see you go, Anthoney. We hope you'll check back occasionally. We have lots of great interviews planned for this year, plus new products, more rules, round-table discussions, after-action reports, tutorials and more. Until then, Clink and Drink . . . and roll low!