Saturday, February 15, 2014

Episode 109: You've Been Promoted

Maybe one of the reasons we love Advanced Squad Leader is for those moments when not only our well-laid plans pan out, but further reward presents itself when fortune shines on the roll of the dice. Today in our rules discussion we talk about Field Promotion, that moment when luck smiles upon us, no matter how fleetingly. But as the Universe has a tendency to balance out the good with some bad, we would be remiss if we didn't also cover Battlefield Integrity and Wounds. Ouch.

Sandwiched somewhere in the middle we talk a bit about the venerable Sten gun, the recent passing of a tenacious Japanese warrior and our latest readings. Then Dave powers up the WayBack machine to travel back a whopping 23 years and does a thorough discussion of ASL Annual '91.

Jeff confirms Dave's findings. HOT.
If it's ASL rules you're looking for, skip ahead 48 minutes and get right to it. If, on the other hand, you'd rather hear two guys blabber on about fast food drive-through service, elusive spicy food topping and other nonsense, start from the beginning -- and don't say we didn't warn you!

OK, it's not exactly Shakespeare, but neither is it Dull. You see that "Dull" rating below? DO NOT CLICK THERE!

0:00 Banter
13:30 News and History
21:00 ASL Annual '91
48:00 Rules

The Sten
Hiroo Onoda
ASL Tactical Wargamer's Journal
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Javaslinger said...

Sweet Jesus and Hallelujah! Another episode of the Two Half Squads!!!

jack dempsey said...

Happy Ground Hog Day! Only one episode for February! C'mon get on the stick! Hey I just read this on I had NO idea. Opening today 2/28/14 in Imax theaters:
Probably a "stinker", but what the heck. Go see it with a bud and relate what you see on the screen to ASL. Look critical hit!! That squads going berserk!!! Uh-oh must have rolled "box cars"... Leader Loss morale check... Melee, you get the idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another great podcast.

I am just a solo starter kit player but I really love the system. I know that one day I will take the jump to full ASL --it is not a question of "if" but rather one of "when".

I love these podcasts even though there isn't a lot of ASLSK specific info, a lot of the ASL rules, strategy, and general banter are not only fun but they add spice to the ASLSK "feast" that I have been enjoying. The historical information and the interviews are some of the most fascinating elements.

That being said, I really love to hear you guys just talk. I imagine that some people may want a more ASL board and counter specific discussion but one day in the past, I realized something. I listen to a lot of technology related podcasts as it was my career for many years. However, when I wanted to learn about something specific, I turned to google or at times a youtube video. When I wanted to relax, I listened to fun and interesting podcasts on technology. The point I am clumsily trying to make is that what I really enjoy about this podcast is that it is all about the people who share my love of ASL/ASLSK. That is the one thing I can't easily get elsewhere. If I have a rules question, there are forums to get that info from. If I want to learn about vehicles, there are tutorials. When I want to feel the "shared love", there's The 2 Half-Squads podcast.

I do love the rules segment too!

Keep up the good work!

BTW: Are you guys ever going to stop by Japan? It's just a little skip over the pond :)


Unknown said...

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