Saturday, March 15, 2014

Episode 111: Let's Debrief

Welcome to Episode 111 of the only podcast on the net dedicated 100% (kinda sorta) to the greatest
game in the world; Advanced Squad Leader!

Today we have a very simple show, for very simple fans. First up is an order to clear out our bursting mailbox -- and leaving nary a letter for Episode 112. There's a variety of topics including some ASL talk -- we guarantee it. Then Dave stands alone on Quiz Show against questions taken from an official ASL source that we won't reveal to you here,  so you can play along at home without cheating. We finish up with a nice analysis of East Side Gamers Scenario ESG109 Backs to the Wall.

A very hearty thank you to Steve Kiss for the images gracing this entry. He did some very clever art that you'll be seeing in the near future. How's that for a cliff hanger?

1:00 Chat
5:45 Letters
37:20 Quiz Show
52:52 Scenario Analysis
1:07:38 Total Running Time 

Luftwoofe Paradogs
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VASLing With Stew  

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  1. Hi Jeff and Dave,

    Great episode as always. Keep on truckin'
    FYI you can find a continuously updated calendar of upcoming ASL tournaments around the world at this site:

  2. "May the luck of the Irish be with you!" - Jeff and Dave!
    Excellent podcast, You're still getting lots or letters, many of them complimentary. Does me heart good to see you are back on track, with 2 broadcasts for March... and the month is only half done. Kick back, sip a 'green' pint and remember, as my Mum used to say:
    "May you have the hindsight to know where you've been, the foresight to know where you are going, and the insight to know when you have gone too far!"
    Roll low and Rally well!

  3. From the MMP newsletter email just received: "Also going up on preorder before long will be The Greatest Day: Sword, Juno and Gold Beaches (GTS) and Hakkaa Päälle (ASL), both of which are still in layout. We are confident both of those will reach their preorder number in short time, so we are making sure they are ready to print as soon as they go on preorder." - Dave, did you just fall out of your chair?


  4. Regarding the question about "VBM sleeze"
    According to A.7.212 there are 2 ways to be limited.
    A) A unit cannot attack outside its location when its location is occupied by a known enemy unit
    B) A unit eligible for TPBF against enemy units can only attack those units.

    Now consider an AFV bypassing a building with enemy infantry in an upper level. The AFV is not in the same location as the infantry so A does not apply. B could apply if the AFV has vulnerable PRC (for example, CE). The infantry would not have a TPBF opportunity against just a BU closed top AFV.

    The way I remember it: VBM sleeze applies if in the same location or if TPBF applies against the vehicle's PRC.