Thursday, October 16, 2014

Episode 126: The 2 Fruit-Cakes

Sometimes writing these little introductory paragraphs is really hard. And sometimes it's really easy and the words and ideas just flow. Today, perhaps because the ideas are flowing like asphalt, we are wondering, does anyone besides us READ them or appreciate the effort that goes into them? This is, after all, an audio show. If you get a chance, let us know your thoughts, and we'll take this opportunity to dispense with raking our brains for witty verbiage and just get on with matters at hand.

In this episode we take a look at Le Franc Tireur's resurrection -- or is it resuscitation -- of Deluxe ASL. Deluxe Pack #1 is available in the USA from Bounding Fire Productions. Great stuff! There's also a good bit of interesting news and not-so-interesting RULES. Not-so-interesting, that is, unless you are a hopeless grognard or some other kind of geek. And if you are . . . cool!

One of Jeff's favorite toys as a kid.
Come to think of it, he likes as an adult, too!

1:00 - Greetings and Chat
8:50 - In the News
23:00 -The Rules
30:00 - Quiz Show Hills and Climbing
1:02:00 - What's in the Box?
1:30:45 - Total Running Time

Weird WWII
10 Amazing Things Recently Found from WWII
Battleship Potemkin Part 1 Maggots
Potemkin Odessa Steps Sequence

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  1. Actually played this podcast for family: verdict: DULL.
    14 y/o daughter didn't understand it, 6 y/o little girl cried and wanted to know what happened to the animals noises!
    My wife was upset due to sub-par box art review. Very disappointed gentlemen…


  2. Happy Halloween, Jeff and Dave! Good to hear some rules discussion back in the podcast. I am not a fan of deluxe boards, not enough of them to suit me. Jeff, I had a REMCO mortar which fired the same type of plastic rounds. Really added a lot of scope to our playing army as youngsters! Hiding in foxholes no longer sufficed as good cover. Do you remember the small plastic "rockets" for throwing up in the air? The nose cone contained a metal 'plunger' under which you would place gunpowder 'caps'. The rocket would land on the sidewalk / street, nose cone first, and the cap would explode! How about "greenie stickum caps"? Roll low and Rally well!!!

  3. I read the descriptions even if I don't have a chance to listen to the show.

    It's the J. Peterman effect: read the descriptions even if not buying the item.

    Orvis does it now.