Friday, October 31, 2014

Episode 127: Tarawa Take Two

In case you're tired of Halloween-themed shows, you've come to the right place. Released to the world on this very All Hallows Eve 2014, this episode has almost nothing Halloweeny in it. What IS scarey is that after 127 episodes we continue to unearth things to talk about -- mostly regarding the greatest game in the world, Advanced Squad Leader. And still, after all this time, unsuspecting boys and girls like you come to our door in search of ASL goodies. Will this episode be a treat? Or a trick? You'll have to listen to find out.

1:20 Chat
13:00 You Must Buy a T-Shirt Even if it is Too Big For You Segment
24:14 Letters
38:00 Rules Tarawa
1:20:50 Tarawa Footnotes
1:35:10 ORT

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  1. Hey Jeff and Dave! A friend bought me one of your T-shirts as a gift this past Summer. It is already stained from eating and consuming alcohol while reading the ASL rulebook. Maybe it is time for a "2 Half Squads" baseball cap? Wouldn't have to worry about size, at least. Oh, I forget... some ASLers do have 'big heads' (along with an ego to match). Nelson's theme music reminds me of the 'spy show' themes of the early 60s. "Man from U.N.C.L.E." and "I Spy". Bongos are 1960s for sure. I match wits with rules in 'quiz show' format. Tests my knowledge of the 'Big Orange Book'. Good podcast... Enjoy Thanksgiving!

  2. Another great episode, guys!

    In footnote #11 to the Tarawa module (about 1:27:50 in the podcast), Dave read that air support had been delayed due to confusion with the amphib forces over Nautical vs. Civil Twilight times, which Dave said he wasn't familiar with.

    These are specific terms significant to celestial navigation and used in the Nautical Almanac. Nautical Twilight is when the sun is 12° below the horizon and Civil Twilight is when it's 6° below the horizon. The difference is important to mariners using a sextant to measure the altitude of the stars above the horizon; it must be light enough to see the horizon, but dark enough to see the stars. At nautical twilight, a mariner can reasonably come up on deck and begin his work in most conditions, but that tends to still be too dark to see stuff on land -- hence, the brighter definition of civil twilight. A later definition of nautical twilight, would rob the mariner of the short crucial window for making the most of seeing both the sky and the horizon.

    But the difference between those two designations should only have been about a half hour on the morning of the Tarawa invasion. If it was really an hour difference between air support and amphib, other factors than twilight confusion would have had to be involved.

  3. Thanks for the hard work and all the effort.

  4. Hey Dave, While re-listening to the podcast heard you quote Dan Dolan as stating no ambush allowed in ASL Starter Kit. You were correct Dave... ambush is allowed in ASL Starter Kit 1. Just went and read / checked the rulebook. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Go BEARS!!!