Sunday, January 10, 2016

Episode 153: Jabo! Or Do You Say Yaybo?

Happy New Year! We welcome in 2016 with a look at the 2nd Edition of The Scenario Designer's Handbook by Michael Dorosh. It is quite the impressive collection of information to help you design you own ASL scenario or simply to use as a reference guide for many aspects of the world's greatest game. Not content with one What's in the Box?, we also examine Journal 3 -- the first half anyway -- another bursting trove of articles, scenarios, and tips.

You say that's not enough ASL for you, Bunky? Well . . .

. . . for some hardcore Advanced Squad Leader stuff you can join Dave and Tom as they play and dissect (to the best of their limited abilities) ASL Scenario G41 Jabo!

Game on bros and gros.

0:00 Hakkaa Paalle Song (Lyrics by Dennis Donovan)
1:30 New Year Jabber
13:00  What's in the Box?
21:00 Mayhem in Manilla Advert
25:50 Ritter Krieg Advert (free shipping on your ASL purchases)
28:25  What's in the Box? (Again!)
59:00 Jabo! Scenario Analysis (ze plane, ze plane)
1:23:55 Total Running Time

Ritter Krieg Games
Mayhem in Manilla Tourny
Scenario Designers Handbook 
Great Shots of Cheneux Bridge at Cardboard Warriors

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