Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Episode 204: Cot, not Cat

What a great opening song! Check out the lyrics below and enjoy the brilliance of the Donovan Studios as they continue to produce marvelous ASL songs. Then lay out your boards and follow along as Rick Hollander and Dave Kleinschmidt present their After Action Report of Bounding Fire Productions scenario ITR 12 Sosabowski Slapdown that appeared in Into the Rubble 2. We delve into the Critical Hit product Hot Stove 1 in the What's in the Box segment to wrap things up until next time.

CONTEST: If you would like to win the copy of Hot Stove #1 by Critical Hit simply send us an email with the subject line "Hot Stove" by September 15th, and we will enter you into a drawing for the fine product.

Sosabowski Slapdown:Top two photos depict mid game.

Sosabowski Slapdown: end game.
DC Hero

-- Concept: Dennis Donovan
-- Lyrics: Dennis Donovan, Rich Spilky, Stephen Stewart
-- Vocals: Stephen Stewart
-- Mixing/Technical: Jim Bera

Playin’ ASL, in the P.T.O.
The Marines vs. Jappos, Code of Bushido
Read all the SSRs, and I started to scheme
Coming up with a plan, when I noticed something:

There is one DEMO, to blow stuff away
And with a gleam in my eyes, I knew I’d found the way:
There’s a Japanese private, in the Second World War
Wasn’t sure how to use one, but he knew for sure

That one DEMO, felt good in his hands
Didn’t take long, to understand
Just one DEMO, will beat the foe
But a one-way ticket, for DC heroes

So he did a banzai           
No way he’d get dropped   
With his H.E. man purse           
Those Yankee Devils will be stopped!

By a DC Hero,
For Nippon he will die!
He’s a DC Hero
He’s got one  DEMO,

DC Hero Yankees will die!
DC Hero   
Yankees will die!
He won’t sur-vive this fight.

On a road without a name, out on Corregidor
There’s a Sherman Tank Dozer, stopped in hex G4
Yeah, this day is his last, filled with lots of pain
That one  DEMO, gonna win the game

So he started chargin’
8 MF enough?
But if he gets wounded 
Gettin to the target will be tough!

For a DC Hero
   for Nippon he will die!
He’s a DC Hero
   for Nippon he’ll die!
   Nippon he’ll die!
That one DEMO,   
   Nippon he’ll die!
He’s gonna win
   Gonna win tonight

0:1 Song DC HERO
4:00  Interesting Chat
18:00  After Action Report
45:00 What's in the Box?
57:10 Total Running Time

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  1. You've outdone yourself this time Dennis! DC Hero is your best work so far

  2. Thank you for the feedback! We are glad you enjoyed the song. Thanks as always for your enthusiastic support!


    Dennis, CEO Rally Phase Records

  3. I'm looking forward to Dennis's album release. I'm hoping that you'll be publishing it on vinyl, not a CD or digitally, because we know that the world is not ready for ASL in digital electronic format - Dan in Vancouver.