Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Episode 264: Crocs and Cows

We got a lot of great stuff for Christmas including the fascinating New England Volunteers Post Card
#1. Now that's a great way to send holiday greetings. In the box is the ASL March Madness Players Pack from our firends at Kansas City ASL. We take a look at some of the great sceanrios included therein.  We have been playing the scenarios from Operation Watchtower and have a discussion of the first three turns of HS11 The Sand Spit here on the show.  It's a night game. Neat-o. We are still learning how to do a video show and  edit it into a quality audio podcast, so please be patient with us. Feel free to send us some constructive advice and kindly give some ideas for improvement.  The show links include some pictures from Listener Pim, and an article on the 101st on Hells Highway. There was not enough time to cover them in this episode, so we will cover them in the next show and leave the links in here so you can have a preview now. 

0:02 Song OBA
2:45 Banter
13:00 New England Volunteers Post Card #1
17:40 What's in the Box?
38:00 Shout Out Winner Announced
41:00 What Have You Been Playing Lately?
1:13:55 Total Running Time

Pim's Photos

Lyrics by Dennis Donovan
Performed by The 2 Half-Squads Singers

Yesterday, read all about OBA, Gonna use it in my game today, can't wait to use some OBA
Artillery, it's way harder than it needs to be, there's confusion reigning over me, yeah OBA is not easy
Use the radio to contact the battery. If things don't go wrong, place AR, roll accuracy. 
OBA: Replace the AR with a spotting round, roll for drift to see where it hits the ground, I believe the round will stray. 
Where'd the SR go? Off the board by hexrow J. I think now it's gone. How I long for OBA. 
ASL, it's such an easy game to play, until you try to use the OBA. Oh, I'm so done with OBA!

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