Friday, October 15, 2021

Episode 281: Action Jackson Kwan

One of the better blogs out there is created by Jackson Kwan. You have heard his voice here when he has called into the show to advertise various Advanced Squad Leader tournaments in Asia. He is very active on Twitter and is a great source to find out what the latest plans are in ASL game production.  We are sure you will enjoy this look at the ASL scene in the Pacific.  We had a very good time conversing with Jack.  

0:01 Interview
1:00:29  Total Running Time 


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  1. Best time I ever had at 4am since I graduated! THANKS!

  2. Great conversation! You can hear the joy all three of these gentlemen have for this game. Whatever our status is as a Squad Leader newbie or expert (and I suspect I will be a perennial newbie), you have hit the nail on the head. As grown men we are fortunate to be able to devote some time to a past-time like Squad Leader, moving our little squares of cardboard along maps and having them shoot at each other, and imagining the stories that come from this. And whether playing face to face, online, or solo, it gives us an opportunity to enjoy the company of friends or even a bit of peaceful (or warlike) solitude to recharge. I find plugging away with the "Retro" rules to be especially relaxing. Hint, hint! Thanks for a great expression of the fun and joy that a game like Squad Leader can help to provide. And kudos to an RPI grad made good. I share an alma mater with Jackson. Go Engineers! (You can tell we're nerds when our sports teams are called "Engineers.") - John B. (Troy, NY)