Monday, October 25, 2021

Episode 282: Jeeper's Creepers

It's a very scary show boys and girls.
Letters...What's in the Box?...Rules...what more could a person ask for? A better podcast? Yeah, we guess that's a legitimate request. But besides that, you can't ask for more than this episode brings you. It has everything AND it is also the Halloween Special (even though there isn't really anything special about it). 

In the box we find Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #11, and it includes board 13a and 3 sceanrios.  Our rule segment covers part 3 of the To Hit process; the to hit modifiers.   

0:30 Banter
10:00 Letters
18:40 What's in the Box
32:00 Rules
1:00:29  Total Running Time


Face-To-Face Again sung to Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again”

Concept & lyrics: Dennis Donovan Copyright June, 2020

Face-to-face again
I just can’t wait to play A.S.L. again
Have to shelter in place until who knows when
Yeah, I can’t wait to play face-to-face again

A.S.L. again
Goin’ to our club meets once again
Playin’ guys I thought I’d never see again
Yeah, I can’t wait to play face-to-face again

Face-to-face again
I’ll get back to playin’ every other Sunday
We’ll play Best of Friends**
I’m hoping that the world gets back to normal
But that day is

No one knows just when
I just can't wait to play A.S.L. again
But not until this COVID thing comes to an end
Then I’ll be playing face-to-face again

Face-to-face, again
Going with my buddies to all of the tourneys
As soon as COVID ends
Insisting that world keeps playin’ our way
And that way is

Face-to-face, with friends
I just can't wait to play A.S.L. again
But that won’t be ‘til quarantine comes to an end
Yeah I can’t wait to play face-to-face again.

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