Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Episode 335: Vassaling Gems

Welcome to part two of our time with Doug Rimmer looking at how you can create your own counters and maps in VASL! Make your own 9-1-9 Engineer! Just like last show, you might want to watch on YouTube, but if you are a good listener the podcast may work fine. After that we have an after action report on Scenario FB1: Uncles and Pups from Multi-Man Productions game Festung Budapest.
0:02 Banter and Contest Draw
8:40 After Action Report
17:45 Doug Rimmer and VASL Tips
48:09 Total Running Time


Monday, January 1, 2024

Episode 334: Here We Go a Vasling (Hello Vasl)

Happy Holidays All!  Jump into the Broadcast for a look with Doug Rimmer at the newest and coolest things that can be found in VASL! Watching on Youtube may be your best way of ingesting this content but if you are a good listener the podcast may work fine. We are wishing you all a Happy 2024!

0:02  Hello Rally
4:00 Doug Rimmer and VASL Tips
47:00 Total Running Time

VASL Templates
VASL Table Templates
Scenario Set-up Files

Lyrics to Hello Rally (lyrics by Donovan, performed by the 2THS Singers)

Hello?? RALLY!!! Would you schmoes, rally?!?!
Just get back up on the line where you belong!
You don’t look swell, golly. I can tell, by golly.
You’ve been bawlin’ and low crawlin’ for now, way too long.
DM’d you ain’t, staying The attack, you’re delaying.
Try to whistle a different tune every now then.
Won’t, take no crap fellas. Get back up on your feet, fellas.
Rally! Don’t you Rout away again!

I said, “Hello?!?!? Rally!!!” Don’t you dilly-dally!
It’d be nice to have you back where you belong.
You’ve been through hell, golly. That charge was indeed folly.
You’ve been chokin’ and you’re broken, you won’t be for long.
I feel my hair, grayin’, cause DM’d you’re stayin’
Try to get, good order status every now and then,
So, woe is me fellas, hope that you can roll a three, fellas
Rally! Don’t you rout away again!

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