Saturday, May 23, 2009

Episode 19: Rally [Phase] Ho!

Dim the lights and get comfortable as we raise the curtain on another brilliant ASL drama. After some fascinating listener mail, Jeff discusses the benefit of Preparation H, after which Dave dazzles with yet another engrossing Box Art Review Oh, the humanity! We then get into the meat of the show, a dramatic dialog on the ASOP (Advanced Sequence of Play) section on the Rally Phase. Finally, Dave presents a history report on a very personal WW II hero, Cpl. Edward F. Kleinschmidt of the 12th Armored Division’s, 43rd Tank Battalion.

During intermission and after the show, join the campaign to get Dave’s name on a counter! Let’s demonstrate the power of the T2HS listening audience by emailing MMP and requesting — nay, DEMANDING! — they create a German SMC counter (no less than a 9-1) with the name “Kleinschmidt” for inclusion in the upcoming Hakka Palle module. Send an email to Don’t delay. And email often!

Show Links:
The C4 Corner Cutter
Battles Magazine
The Game Vault
Croix de Guerre
Doomed Battalions

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