Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Episode 20: The Thuring Point

This time we are happy to have Lars Thuring join us via Skype from his home in Germany. Lars is a long time ASLer and one of the master-minds behind the upcoming (and FINAL) ASL module, Hakkaa Paalle!. Join us as we mercilessly throw him the really tough questions such as, “how do you pronounce ‘hakka palle’”, “do you make big money designing scenarios”, and “can you get MMP to put Dave’s name on a counter”? And lots more.

Of course, it wouldn’t be T2HS without an engrossing reading of Listener Mail. We also feature a heart-warming reunion with the contents of “What’s In the Box”. Plus there’s “Scenario Report” and a special 45 minute segment of “Box Art” Just kidding. Actually there’s NO Box Art this time. Do we hear a collective sigh of relief? Or are those whispers of despair?

Dig in and enjoy.

Show Links
C4 Corner Cutter
St. Louis ASL Tournament
Winter War books and video
Schwerpunkt #3

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