Saturday, April 17, 2010

Episode 34: Wholly Smoke

The topic was too big to fit into one episode -- especially with all our rambling and chit-chat -- so this episode is, again, wholly devoted to the subject of smoke. In particular, Dave covers "big" smoke.

2:00 - Listener Mail
12:00 - What's in the Box
38:00 - Smoke Rules
56:20 - Smoke Tutorial part 2

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Anonymous said...

As always, love the show...and I'm really digging the tutorials by Dave. Excellent!!

Mark Humphries said...

Hi Jeff and Dave,

Great episode and funniest intro skit so far.

BTW, has Rich Spilky's indispensable player aid pack been updated since the beta version of episode 14? Is there a site that hosts the latest version?

Keep up the great work.

Mark Humphries
Philippines Historical Boardgamers Club

David L. said...

Dear Gang:

I am not exactly shocked that you had trouble selling your copy of Beyond Valor. E-bay traffic in SL/ASL products seems to be at an all-time low, as I recently discovered myself.


David L.

a.k.a The Gun-Nut and SL Classic Enthusiast.

Rich Spilky said...

Jeff and Dave: I'm sending you both the latest rules tables in Excel format(through Table #17, 18 in total) mentioned by Mark Humphries above. You may post them on your sight if you'd like.

BTW: I'm working on two more rules tables:
One table regarding WP use (i.e. TH modifiers and the Moral Check mods that apply for different kinds of weapons (e.g. light mortars, 5/8" mortars, Guns, BAZ45, etc.) which fire them at various targets (e.g. concealed, HA, target size, behind a wall, etc.).

Another rules table regarding flame spreading rules with gusts, heavy winds, etc. This set of rules has always confused me.

Rich Spilky

Mark Humphries said...

Thanks Rich! I look forward to using your new tables.

Mark Humphries
Philippines Historical Boardgamers Club

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