Thursday, April 29, 2010

Episode 35: ASL Open 2010

In a classic scenario of suburban warfare, grognards from around the globe engage in a brutal hand-to-dice struggle for supremacy. It's the ASL Open 2010. We were there live covering all the exciting action.

04:00 Interview with Jeff DeYoung
14:00 Interview with David Goldman
30:00 Interview with Jim Burris
50:00 What's In The Box? -- ASL Journal 8
Total running time: 1:25:00

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1 comment:

  1. Being new at ASl, I thought Journal 8 was great, with one exception. Celler Dwellers. My friend and I played that scenario for all of 2 turns before deciding it was not for us. It seemed more like a theoretical situation during a campaign game than a valid scenario. Essentially I was able to move in and force all of the russians to fail to rout, meanwhile breaking all russians outside, thus ending the game. We went to play escape from komsomol park and loved it.