Monday, May 24, 2010

Episode 36: Bungle in the Blood and Jungle!

Honestly, there is nothing bungling about this amazing Bounding Fire Productions product, we just liked the Jethro Tull reference. Join us as we ravenously tear into this massive king of the jungle.

Follow that with an interview with BFP's very own Sam Tyson for some talk about blood, jungle, and lots of other topics.

Then, in keeping with the Pacific theme we offer a review of HBO's "The Pacific", a book review and more.

3:30 Website changes
5:00 What's in the Box
30:00 Charles S. Roberts Awards
31:30 Book Review
37:00 Movie Review
51:00 Interview with Sam Tyson

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  1. Perfect - just in time for my walk - downloaded and enjoyed it all.
    I agree wholeheartedly on Jeff's views of Pacific. I've not quite bought into the characters like I did in BoB. Funny thing, I didn't enjoy BoB the first time so much. But the 2nd and now 3rd viewings I've really got into the characters and have enjoyed the development. So, I will give Pacific a second viewing when the DVDs come out.
    Part of the difference is that I don't believe we are following one company, but instead several guys from a division, so their stories are more disjointed.
    Great stuff. Thank you,
    aka Todd Reed

    PS Nice job bringing religion into the discussion! Maybe the next week you can bring gun control and immigration in to liven it up some!

  2. Good show as usual. I especially appreciated the critique of the Shootout program on the History Channel. I like a lot of the stuff there, but it definitely borders on exploitative and voyeuristic at times. The one that really made me angry was a program several years ago on one of the paratrooper units at Normandy. The show used reenactment simulations from a friggin video game (can’t remember which one off the top of my head) which the program was obviously promoting. This would have been bad enough, except the show also interspersed interview clips with vets ala Band of Brothers. That really ticked me off and I felt so sorry for those guys being used in that way.

  3. When you do a book review you should link it to amazon that way you can make money!

  4. Guys, you know I love ya, but this was the most unfocused and forgettable 2HS podcast to date. It came across like you both woke up one day and said,"Oh jeez! Has it been a month since the last one already?!?" Since I liked the idea and execution of the book and t.v. reviews, the chief offender seems to have been "What's in the Box?" It was obvious that you had not prepared for the segment. 25 minutes of three people going, "uh...what's this?..." isn't exactly thrilling.

    I realize that the show is a labor of love that probably costs you both a fair chunk of change. I don't feel like you owe us anything. However, some constructive criticism seemed necessary this time.


    David L.

  5. We thought it was very planned and focused with an interview that went with a product that was about the Pacific and it included a movie review about the Pacific also. Regarding the Box segment it was not prepped on purpose.
    Our thinking was that some of the smaller product "What's in the Boxes" actually work better than a boring prepared speech because of the excitement and spontanaiety of opening a box "fresh". In this instance Dave agrees with you. There was so much in the "Blood and Jungle" box that it should have been previewed. Unlike most Action Packs. Your advice is taken well.
    Dave (and Jeff)

  6. I get a bad feeling that's going to translate into "Don't drink and podcast" message.. Much rather have drinkers podcasting then driving... Gotta go with the I Liked it message here. :)- Joseph