Friday, June 15, 2012

Episode 70: To Kill a Panzerbird

Join Dave and his daughter Megan as they read some fascinating letters, including one that announces the establishment of a new ASL site for you ANZAC players. Dave gets to quiz his friend and special guest, the Piano Man, on a Quiz Show that is all about the To Kill Table, and it's corresponding rules section.  So break out your To Kill Table and follow along as we cover some good old ASL rules crunchiness! You can hear the first of our new contest entries in this very episode. These loyal listeners will show you how easy it is to enter our contest. Simply call us and complete the following sentence "You know you play too much ASL when....", then shoot us an email telling us that you called. Follow those simple steps, and you will be entered into our contest, and can win fantabulous prizes. And don't worry.  Jeff will return next episode.

The second of our T2HS Auctions includes a used copy of Paratrooper. Email or tweet us with your bid(s), then watch our Twitter feed for updates so you'll have a chance to bid again if you like. Items will go to the highest bidders on July 6th, 2012. This is a great opportunity to get Paratrooper and help out The 2 Half-Squads at the same time.

2:00 Letters
11:00 ASL ANZAC Site Announcement
14:30 New Contest Entries
19:15 Quiz Show
59:17 Total Running Time

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  1. Piano-man's voice was very deep. But he was knowledgeable about the To Kill tables.

  2. If that what the guys at ASLOK sound like count me out!
    Kinds what I imagine Manson sounds like....

  3. Dave:
    59 minutes and 17 seconds all to yourself and you couldn't get in a box art review? Really?
    Sorry I give your daughter a FUNNY reaction but you sir- DULL, DULL, DULL!

    Outraged Expressionistic Artist in LA