Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Episode 77: Show and Tell 1-3

And now, for your listening pleasure, we present the audio band extracted from the first three Advanced Squad Leader Hang-outs, now known as Show-and-Tells. These marvelous productions can be found on our YouTube channel.
You can -- and should -- join us on the next hang-out if you like. Just join our Google Plus circle of friends and watch for an invitation in the future. If you've already watched the Show-and-Tell episodes, there is not much new for you here. But there are listeners who will want to add 'em to their podcast collection in this handy MP3 format.

1:00 Dave's Principal Questions His Historical Accuracy
2:30 Show and Tell #1
33:00 Show and Tell #2
1:04:20 Show and Tell #3

Listen Now:
Listen Now:
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Anonymous said...

Good episode but more witty than usual.

Still can't figure out by DASL doesn't get the love with the bigger hexes.

Watching the shuttle fly overhead in Sunny LA, Matt

Anonymous said...

Dear Dave and Jeff:

I've been keeping up with the episodes, but I haven't written in lately.

At any rate, I just finished burning a "Best of 2 Half Squads" 700 MB disc, and I thought my track listing might be helpful to some folks. My main criteria were 1) helpful to newbies; 2) my personal favorites; and 3) maximized the available disc space (without crowding the 700 MB enough to cause problems on an older computer).

Episode 6: "Just for Newbies" (Overview of the game, modules, and storage systems.)

Episode 12: First Keith Dalton Interview, Part One

Episode 15: First Keith Dalton Interview Part Two

Episode 25: Interview with Mark Pitcavage

Episode 26: Round Table I

Episode 30: Interview with Chas Argent

Episode 32: Interview with John Hill

Episode 55: Round Table II

Episode 60: Second Interview with Keith Dalton

ASL Extra 11: Hart Attack (Scenario Comparison to Bogart's Sahara)

Newbie-Do 1

I'm sure I left out a lot of folks' personal favorites, but these are the episodes I find myself listening to again and again. Admittedly, this list is really light on the episodes that focus on specific rules.

David L.

Unknown said...

Great idea on the best of the 2HS

I definitely agree with the Joe Hill interview

I love the night ones but episode 64 is my favorite; the whole Bohemian Rhapsody riff was great. I actually rewound that a few times.
A few more
Jim Stahler interview #68
Ian Daglish tribute #57
Blood and Jungle review #36
Kamikaze Ridge ASL Extra #15

Anyway, great job guys,

Rick C.
Knoxville, TN

The 2 Half-Squads said...

Well, it's certainly humbling that anyone would go to the trouble to create a "Best of T2HS". Of course, we, being so close to the subject matter, would be hard pressed to pick any "bests" from the extensive catalog. Seems like a "Sophie's Choice" conundrum. Never-the-less, more power to you, and thanks for the compliment!

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