Saturday, October 13, 2012

Episode 78: Vic's Visit

Dispatches from the Bunker is one of the longest running Advanced Squad Leader fanzines -- and it's still dispatching ASL goodness even as we speak. It's revered by players everywhere. Even the guys at MMP like it! But have you ever wondered just who is actually creating and dispatching those dispatches? Well, climb with us into the bunker as we interview the prolific ASL sage and master dispatcher, Mr. Vic Provost.

Vic Provost (on right, with the natty hat)
presenting Mark Evans with his plaque for
winning a mini-tourney at the Nor'Easter Tourney.

6:51 Letters
26:00 What Dave's Been Playing Lately
38:45 The Most Interesting ASLer in the World
41:45 Vic Provost Interview
1:22:15 Total Running Time

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Listen Now:

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  1. Great Interview! I hope someday to get out to our "Eastern Front" and play in a Nor'easter...I have been invited out there by a BAASL veteran (Bob Gillis) and am very interested in the electronic "Dispatches from the Bunker".
    A good Most Interesting ASLer in the world comment: He never playtests his scenarios as they are already balanced.

    Stephen (Earthpig) Hicks

  2. 2013 can be a year of rest with the exception of the release of Hakka Palle!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am 39 years of age, will this be released in my life time (assuming i don't become an octogenerian)???!!!!

  3. Dave is 51 years of age. He is more worried than you are.

  4. Rumor control is that Hakka Palle is in the slow lane with other products getting green lighted to pass this in the queue. There is buzz about getting rising sun out the door next followed by the huge SK HASL then the overlay pack followed by another action pack. Maybe even a out of the bunker scenario pack again from MMP. It will be a while before HP sees the store shelves I think.

  5. That would make us sad.....very sad.......

  6. Excellent episode - thanks to you guys, I am
    now sold on Squads & Leaders and have just played my first game of full S&L - taking the plunge
    after oh-so-many games of 'Kit for Starters'.

    Keep up the good work,