Friday, November 2, 2012

Episode 79: Good Morin'

The whole Bunker crew.
Tom is front and center
During our interview last episode with Vic Provost, you heard him spend some time extolling the value and virtues of his pal and long-time collaborator, Tom Morin. So much so, that we just had to see for ourselves. Despite a raging hurricane pummeling the Eastern seaboard where he resides, and a humorous phone call snafu, we managed to get Mr. Morin all to ourselves for nearly an hour. And guess what? Vic was right. Fortunately, we had the recording equipment running, and with very little prodding, Tom shared with us bits of us his life and his evolution as a gamer, obsessive ASL player, and master designer. Oh, did we forget to mention his little ol' contribution to Advanced Squad Leader? Does Valor of the Guards ring a bell?

We were amazed and delighted. And so will you be. And a good morin' to you, too!
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  1. Nice job guys.Always enjoy listening.The interviews are great,there are so many folks with good stories to tell.Thanks for the work you do.Bill "prymus"