Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Episode 83: ASL Show and Tell 4 & 5

Here is our 2nd presentation of the Video Hang-outs that we call ASL Show and Tell.  Check the links below to find the video versions (which are much better by the way, because they have pictures and require less reading).  This episode enables you to add 'em to your itunes and give 'em a listen, if you don't have time to watch.  Show and Tell #4 features Jack Guritza, Sam Tyson, Steven Hicks, Mark Babick, and Mark Humphries.  Show and Tell #5 highlights Glider and Para rules and strategy as presented by Rich Spilky as a follow-up to episode #82.

0:00 Intro
1:16 Show and Tell #4
30:30 Show and Tell #5
1:11:46 Total Running Time

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  1. Hello folks .. love the Hangouts! I am listening to Eddie here giving his analysis of video games vs ASL. I really think that the rich media we have around us rob us of our ability to imagine, to visualise.

    Gotta do something about that!

    Thanks and regards,
    Jackson Kwan