Friday, January 25, 2013

Episode 84: Thank God for Tenure

Bob Holmstrom
We're always happy to have guests join us in the broadcast foxhole. Tonight we dust off the third microphone for seasoned Advanced Squad Leader player and friend, Robert (Bob) Holmstrom. Besides his warm demeanor and pleasant humor, he brings his many years of experience playing ASL. Bob's background -- coupled with Dave's -- actually makes this show a serious, credible resource for ASLers. We'll try to fix that in the future!

Dave Kleinschmidt

04: 15 - Letters
13:30 - What's in the [first] Box? CH #2
29:40 - What's in the [second] Box? Journal 10
48:30 - Playing "The Last Bid"
1:09:30 - Total Running Time

Jeff Hallett
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  1. Another good episode. I have one question and two commits for you guys.
    First- is their any scenarios with the British and the Italian battles in Ethiopia?
    Second- I was the one who sent you the big box of books last summer. I must have forgot to send a note with it. You can do what ever you what with them a.k.a. give them away as door prizes, keep some of them and so on.
    And last- here is a great YouTube site He has a large selection of world war 2 video's.

    Keep up the great work and clink and drink!

  2. Did we remember to say in a later episode that Ethiopia was covered in Critical Hits Soldiers of the Negus? That might be reissued with the Italians from MMP.