Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Episode 85: Lots o' Boxes

It may not be Boxing Day, but there are a whole lot of boxes to go around in this episode. We tried to think outside of the box, but decided that boxes were the way to go. Bob Holmstrom joins us once again as "Box Art Review" makes its long awaited return. Not one, but two...count 'em two.... "What's in the Boxes?" appear here for your listening pleasure. Guess a 2 for 1 sale is always a good thing. We were feeling a little boxed in, so we introduce the Red Barricades rules with a look at sewers and tunnels. These rules apply to all of the Advanced Squad Leader scenarios. We plan to present part two of the Red Barricades rules in episode #86. Look for it soon.

Red Barricades scenario
 "The Last Bid" Set-up

0:00 Intro
5:00 Letters
11:30 Box Art Review
21:30 What's in the Box? Melee Pack 1
32:37 Red Barricades Terrain: Sewers and Tunnels
1:02:30 What's in the Box? Special Ops #2 & #3 and Operations
1:35:35 Total Running Time
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  1. The Box Art Review was hilarious, you outdid yourselves this time!

  2. He once broke a Tiger - with a pinned partisan.

    He's fought the Red Barricades and won - as the Italians.

    In the '98 Winter Offensive he came in first, and second.

    His ski troops from Hakkaa Paalle can often be found in the downhill at Innsbruck.

    If he were a counter, it would be a 11-9.

    On the question of black SS counters, he says, "Why not pink?"

    He is the worlds most interesting ASL player.