Saturday, February 16, 2013

Episode 86: Get Your Barricades On!

This show begins with a bit of banter followed by some scenarios we have played lately. Hear an in-depth discussion of the Red Barricades rules. We covered a few of those rules in the last episode, and this time we cover the rooftop and cellar rules that apply to all Advanced Squad Leader scenarios, as well as the additional rules that were added specifically for Red Barricades. Oh, and of course, we don't forget the culverts, storage tanks, and Molotov Projectors.

Turn 6 of The Last Bid

2:00 Very Silly Banter
8:30 Whatcha Been Playing Lately?
28:30 Red Barricades Terrain: Culverts, Cellars, Storage Tanks, Rooftops and  MOL Projectors.
1:35:35 Total Running Time

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  1. Hi,

    The podbean is giving an 404 error. Can you verify the link for us? Thanks.

    Chris Dawson

  2. It's fixed now. Perhaps your RSS feed went out before podbean posted the MP3. Looking forward to listening!

  3. I would like to hear an interview with "The Most Interesting ASL Player in the World". He's so interesting he deserves a chapter all about himself in the ASL rulebook.


  4. Thanks for this review of some of the RB rules. I thought I heard you say that only 1 mmc w/ SW could occupy a cellar. I may have misheard, but I can't find that part. Did I miss it? I have played the "falling into the cellar" rule wrong, though, I think. Wow, 4-6 on the red die for falling in. I guess that makes ramming a fortified building w/ an AFV a lot more risky. This is one of my strategies to breach a fortified building in RB and VOTG!


  5. Some music about "Santa Clause" and "Step in Time" would occasionally interrupt the podcast for a bit. Not sure if you guys knew. :)

  6. Thanks for the heads-up, Jason. (this is Jeff) Must be Dave went wild during editing again. He's irrepressible!

  7. Ok you guys managed to crack me up over and over - um, except for you Jeff and you KNOW which part I am talking about. BUT, I will pour you a whiskey my dear. xox

  8. p.s. I HEARD you making fun of me, but I still love you :)

  9. Still listening... I was NOT making that banging noise to get you to help me - everyone who knows us knows I am the superior carpenter ;)

  10. You boys got burned!

  11. It's not "two movement phases" for Sewer movement