Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Episode 96: Budapest Slugfest with Bill Cirillo

If we were enjoying some nice Gouda and wine while recording, we could have called this episode Goudafest in Budapest. With casualty totals during the Siege of Budapest nearly equaling those of the Battle of Berlin, our current title seems more appropriate. Bill Cirillo was instrumental to bring Advanced Squad Leader players the historical module Festung Budapest. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of that Festung Budafest link on the MMP site to get many free downloads, including chapter H supplements, debris counters, new versions of the player aids and more. This episode is all Bill Cirillo, as Dave and Jeff share a wonderful opportunity to learn of all that went in to the development of this amazing game. Research, discussions with historians and authors, working with the wonderful folks at MMP, all were needed to make this module the success that it is.  We are glad to be able to get this information to you.

Sean Deller and Bill Cirillo playtesting.
Aerial photo of Budapest as mentioned in the show.

This one just might knock your socks off!

1:00 Small Talk
7:00  Seige of Budapest History
10:40 Interview with Bill Cirillo
1:16:28 Total Running Time

WWII: Siege of Budapest article that inspired the module.

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  1. Interesting podcast. Enjoyed the interview with Bill and the history of how "Festung Budapest" came about. Did I miss something, or was the comedy absent from this episode? Enjoy the remaining Summer.

  2. Great interview! This is one of your best! Keep up the good work.

  3. Fine job, guys -- possibly your best interview. Bill was a great guest, and the whole show provided a lot of insight into FB and the design of HASLs (and CGs) in general. Thanks for this one.

  4. It makes me really want to get a copy of FB. if only it wasn't so expensive to buy and ship...

  5. This episode was my first 2HS podcast--loved it. Looking forward to hearing the others now.

    Budapestivus for the rest of us!