Saturday, July 27, 2013

ASL Extra #16: To The Square

Most Slaski Bridge, Warsaw, Poland, January 17, 1945:  We got a bit rusty on how to produce an ASL Extra episode. The maps we used were a bit large and made the units harder to see.  We didn't give exact locations each turn for the Russians/Poles. We forgot to take a photo of the end game. But at least we are back to producing them.  Here we play the classic scenario ASL9  To The Square,  from Beyond Valor.  David Kleinschmidt's Germans will try to stop the Polish onslaught. The Germans have to defend a building and a board edge. Will Dave Timonen's Poles battle on to victory? Will the German's prevail? We hope you appreciate our work and that it might help you understand the greatest game in the world, Advanced Squad Leader.  In spite of the few errors, it is a glorious presentation. 


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  1. That looks like a tough haul for the Russians as I read the VCs. An aggressive and temerarious rush to the west edge of the board is necessary to win. 20H3 is deep. Dave T. fortified it well enough it looks like, making exiting 20 VPs very tempting. By Turn 6 it looks like Dave K. was just getting to board 20. 4 turns to take 20H3?...tough call.

  2. Well done! Nice to see / hear the ASL extras are back for our Summertime entertainment. Thanks to the 2 Daves! The Germans gave it their all, but the Poles were just too tough. Good going Dave T.