Thursday, August 8, 2013

Episode 97: Night Witches and Banzais

It's a simple show, from some simple gents, with simple minds.  There's a little bit of chatter to get us started, then we are off to the races with another batch of letters.  Jeff presents a report on the death of Nadezhda Popova. She was one of the Night Witches (some spell it Nightwitches) of the Soviet Air Force. We continue with the Pacific preparation mode that we have been in lately, as we take a look at Bret Hildebran's very nice article called, The Art of the Banzai, from Journal #9.....#9......#9.....#9......

1:00 Talk, Talk, Talk
14:00 Letters
33:00 What'cha Been Playing Lately?
44:45 Art of the Banzai Article Review
1:01:01 Soviet Night Witch Pilot
1:08:02 Total Running Time

DuckDuckGo Search Engine
Nadezhda Popova
ASL Articles From the General
Banzai Discussion on Gamesquad
The M. Elfstrom Module Dependency Chart

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  1. Still waiting for Jeff to get the upper hand and WIN, for once, in the opening comedy skits! C'mon Jeff... You need to win in order to have a leader counter named after you! Nice job on the Banzai rules. I never heard of the "Nightwitches", very interesting! Keep 'em coming

  2. Great podcast, love the banter. I heard you mention the World Boardgaming Championships in Lancaster, I hope you make it there next year. Maybe you could broadcast from the MMP booth!

    By the way is it me or are there a higher than average number of ASL players with German names?

    Joe Schulze from Delaware

  3. Does anyone have a BANZIA chart