Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Episode 106: Steve Dethlefsen Speaks

It is time for Christmas and this year we have a rather special gift for you, an interview with Steve Dethlefsen of Heat of Battle fame. Dave remembers ordering a ton of cool presents from HOB way back in the day before you were born. Yes, it was during the ancient days of Advanced Squad Leader, when we had to wander far and wide seeking scenarios to play. From a faraway land called California, from the mind of the wise men dwelling there came these ASL treasures.

Join us for this important addition to our History of ASL interviews. It's better than frankincense and myrrh, yes? (Not better than gold, though.)

2:00  Chat with Dave and Jeff
11:06  Letters
27:10  Steve Dethlefsen
1:02:55 Total running time

HOB : God Save the King 
HOB: Cassino the Road to Rome
Mark Watson's ASL Annual Reprint Guide

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  1. Thanks for the episode. A merry christmas with lots of Jahresendfl├╝gelfiguren to you.

  2. Merry Christmas Jeff and Dave! Didn't get a chance to listen to the latest podcast... Just wanted to jump in and wish you all the best!

  3. Hello guys - Happy Holidays!!

    I love this latest episode with Dethlefsen. He has certainly done a lot of great ASL work through the years. I have only dealt with the man via email so it's great to hear him on your podcast!

    On another note : one of your links above says "HOB: For King and Country", you sure it shouldn't be "HOB: God Save The King"?

    Warm regards,
    Jackson Kwan

  4. I could type thousands of word here to express the gratitude of the country and ASLers worldwide but I won't. It would be more fitting to say thank you to Mr. Steve Dethlefsen and the 2 Half Squads for all their hard work and joy they have brought to the world.

    P.S however I'm a little disappointed by the lack of usual political commentary :>

  5. Boys thanks again for another great interview! I can't tell you how many times in between taping Crossfire we've wondered whatever happened to Steve Dethlefsen and the Heat of Battle crew. They made some might fine ASL products. Was just talking with Newt Gingrich about when we can expect Kohima module to arrive. Can't wait until session 2 of interview.

    BTW if you ever need any help on how to conduct a interview just call me- just say'n

  6. What an awesome interview technique. LOL Very different style. Keep up the good work.

  7. Looking forward to when you get that much deserved letter from MMP!!

  8. Awesome interview.

  9. Great show guys. As for modeling tips here is a great youtube page