Saturday, January 31, 2015

Episode 133: Pianissimo and Three Player Games

If you find yourself without your favorite tweezers
just order out for Asian food..
One thing we like about going to ASL tournaments is observing the wide and varied paraphernalia gamers employ to enhance their experience. From storage systems to dice rollers to player aids, the ingenuity of players is almost as interesting as the game itself. Lately we have been coveting instruments to facilitate the manipulation of counters -- especially stacks of counters in crowded terrain. If you've not yet experimented with prosthetics you may learn a thing or two. If you have, we'd like to hear from you about your preferred tools.

We also have an update from Jeff with his latest day at the beach in the Blood Reef: Tarawa campaign, and Dave has a report on the hazardous conditions unfolding in The First Bid.
Dave also has a batch of movie reviews, including Imitation GameAmerican Sniper, and Unbroken. And we end with a discussion of three-player scenarios, which are perfect for when your mother-in-law drops in unexpectedly.

1:00 - Banter
6:00 - Big Game Update
16:10 - What's the Best Tweezers?
29:00 - Movie-ment Phase
43:05 - Three Player Game Discussion
1:07:05 - Total Running Time

March Madness

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Episode 132: The One with the Harp

Last week we were pleased to be the featured guests on another podcast. Three Moves Ahead is the leading computer and console strategy game themed podcast on the internet. You can listen to it here Three Moves Ahead Episode 292 Advanced Squad Leader

In this episode of The 2 Half-Squads Jeff is joined in the broadcast foxhole by his wife Robin to read some letters. Cue the harp music!

Later we get caught up opening some gifts from listeners and then go into some discussion of what we've been playing lately.

11:00 Letters
Gifts from Dennis, Allen, Matt, Steve A and Steve Jobs.
What Have You Been Playing As of Late

Coconut Casualty
Coconut Bombs
All about The Netherlands . . . or is it Holland?

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Special: The John Hill Interview

On the evening of January 12, 2015, a few hours after we had recorded Episode 132 of this show, we learned of the passing of John Hill the creator of the original Squad Leader. We knew John only through the interview he graciously granted us in early February 2010 -- four years and exactly 100 episodes ago. In his honor we here present that interview.

If the value of a man's life be weighed by what he leaves behind, then John certainly strained the scales. His achievements and qualities, listed by so many of his fans, family and friends across the internet, need not be repeated here. All we can add is . . . thank heaven he loved to play games.

John Hill  1944 - 2015

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