Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Episode 143: Kelln, the Canuck

Tonight we have the pleasure of speaking with George Kelln, the man behind Lone Canuck Publishing, makers of fine scenarios, campaign games and maps for Advanced Squad Leader. If you've ever wondered how a lone -- but not lowly -- Canuck can contribute so much to the greatest game in the world, have a listen. Then order some stuff!

Lone Canuck Publishing
Bloody Buron at Boardgame Geek
Moro River Campaign at Wikipedia

1:00 No Banter, We Promise!
2:30 Interview with George
1:08:47 Total Running Time

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  1. I missed the banter!! It's like eating cake without frosting!! I gotta have my frosting!

  2. Those that doubt want banter can make another podcast...
    The 2HS has bantar as a key ingrediant... Just like BAR!

  3. Guys don't let the haters get it down. The banter is great and part of what you guys are. Banter is in fact part of ASL - I'm always joking and shooting shit with people as I play. Keep it!

  4. Don't listen to the banter hater! It's your show. Do what you want. Have fun with it and the vast majority will have fun with you. The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few, or the one.