Sunday, August 16, 2015

Episode 145: Utterly Eric

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we thought we'd share with you.
Last episode featured a visit from local ASLer, Eric Ortega, who had no problem filling the show with his enthusiasm for the greatest game in the world, Advanced Squad Leader. In fact, we couldn't fit his joie de guerre into a single session, so here he is again. Are you wearing your seat belt?

We start off with some Banter with a capitol "B", then move into listener mail. Jeff throws out another one of his ill-conceived and cockamamie ideas, and we chit and chat about AFV cards. Then somehow we have an interesting discussion about Journal 1 (particularly Wolkey's fantastic article on Jungle Movement) and end with an after action report from Mark Woods and Dave on Scenario VotG 8: Hammer and Nail

Forget the cowbell. We've got a cure for your fever . . . and it's more Eric!

Hammer and Nail Set-up

1:00 Banter for Sure About Motorcycles
8:55 Letters
32:45 Jeff's Cockamamie Ideas
37:30 AFV Cards
43:30 Journal 1 discussion
107:30 Hammer and Nail: After Action Analysis
1:26:28  TOTAL

VASLING with Stew

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  1. Have listen to this episode twice now and find that your guest Eric, a riot. Will have to see where this group meets. Is there a website? Dave, you have a definite teaching style to your reading. The title Prof of ASL becomes you. And Jeff , I'm a little confused about this Pants thing. Oh, never mind it makes for wonderful radio. And what is this Round table? It must be in previous episodes... I will start searching today. Again, thanks for all you do.

  2. Wow! Just like those "thrilling days of yesteryear"!! I enjoy what Eric brings to the "broadcast foxhole"! Any chance of bringing Joe P. or Bob H back? Roundtable??? Now that would be too cool for the room!