Sunday, November 29, 2015

Episode 151: What's Up With That?

We are ever so grateful to welcome back Zach and Rich to the Broadcast Foxhole to continue the second part of the boat scenario series. So once again you'll want to batten down the hatches, and get everything in ship-shape and Bristol fashion before you settle in to have a listen. After a little chit-chat we discuss Special Ops #6 Summer 2015 and discover what ASL stuff you might find in there. ASL Action Pack #11 is reviewed and the components discussed. There are four scenarios covered, but the bulk of the discussion goes to U36 Operation Switchback, U37 Scheldt Fortress South and U38 Clearing the Breskens Pocket. Grab a paddle so you don't end up a creek without one.

Photos of the game being described can be found here:
U36 Operation Switchback
U37 Scheldt Fortress
In case you missed part one. Episode 148: The De Minimus Contingent

1:00 What's Up With This Chat?
5:00 What's in the Box?
23:20 What, no GG Drift Counter?!?
26:00 What 'cha Been Playin' Lately?
1:23:15 What Was Dave's 1,000th Game?
1:24:21 Total Running Time

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Episode 150: T2HS Greatest Hits Part V


Sorry, we're not. This one includes episode 62 through 75. Look on the bright side, we've been told this series concludes once we get to episode 100.
Total Running Time - 2:37:25

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