Saturday, August 13, 2016

Episode 165: Pe-e-e-rry Interesting

Photo from a 2006 Re Con
site.  We stole it!
Tonight's guest needs no introduction, but we have to write SOMETHING here. We were recently fortunate to get a few minutes to chat with Perry Cocke from Multi-Man Publishing. Perry is just one of the Men at Multi-Man, but he's the only one that will talk to us. Does he keep losing the coin toss or are we just lucky? Anyway, it's always good to hear from the horses mouth about all the going's on with our favorite hobby, Advanced Squad Leader. Take a listen. You may find it ve-e-e-ry interesting!

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  1. Great interview, it'a always good to hear what's happening at MMP. Perry is also just a great force for good in the game. That said, as a big supporter of MMP, it is for me, a bit disheartening to hear that ASL Starter Kit projects will be competing with full ASL for MMP's scarce resources. A few of us out there have previously expressed the concern that ASL Starter Kit would become a separate entity as opposed to a gateway into full ASL. And I think Perry's comments on this podcast would tend to confirm that indeed ASL Starter Kit will have a life of its own. This is certainly not some terrible thing. It just means that scarce MMP resources will be stretched even further in order to support both platforms. And those of us who missed our chance to own such core ASL modules as Armies of Oblivion...well...oblivion comes strongly to mind as to my chances of owning it any time soon. And Perry's earlier comments related to Yanks 2 and the fact that not everyone will own what is needed to play every scenario...sort of tells us his and possibly MMP's thinking on that issue. Perry is correct, that there is plenty out there to play and yes, if I never own AoO in my's not really a big deal. I own more scenarios than I can possibly play in my lifetime. It's just a shame...that's all.

  2. Good interview. Always great to hear from Perry. I understand Grumble's concern about the Starter Kits, but I have to believe those have gotten more people into ASL the last few years than any other thing. I'm guessing they are pretty good sellers for MMP. Yanks arriving this week, and Italians/ Negus and French on the horizon, that's all good news.

    Great job, guys!

  3. Thanks for posting the links to Joe Balkoski's website and his books.