Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Episode 168: Sandstorms Never Bothered Me Anyway

Enjoy the last of the desert rules as we present the one and only podcast dedicated mostly to the greatest game in the world Advanced Squad Leader.  Special thanks to Megan and Dennis for a wonderful opening song.
This episode is sponsored by
Ritterkrieg and Bounding Fire Productions

1:00 Chitter Chatter
15:00 What Have You Played Lately
33:00 Desert Rules
1:19:46   Total Running Time

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Lyrics to D.T.O.!
performed by Megan Kleinschmidt / lyrics by Dennis Donovan

The sun burns hot in the desert today
Not a green hex to be seen
A kingdom of desolation
Here in West of Alamein
My buddies talked me into getting module five
So I purchased one
Cost me one-o-five

What’s a sangar?
What’s a wadi?
See the dust swirl?
It’s adding some L.V.
Conceal?  Get real!
No where to grow
And now I know

D.T.O.!  D.T.O.!
Can’t wait to play it some more
D.T.O.!  D.T.O.!
Played it once and now
I crave more
I don’t care
Who I’m going to play
Bring the desert on!
Heat Haze never bothered me anyway!

It’s funny how Chapter F’s
So complex and yet so small
And the rules that once perplexed me
Don’t befuddle me at all
It’s time to see how I can do
In the.  North.  African milieu
All right!  Game on! It’s cool, you’ll see!

B’lieve me
D.T.O.!  D.T.O.!
A.S.L. ‘neath the desert sky!
D.T.O.!  D.T.O.!
You must give it a try
For years I’ve planned
So now I’ll play
Bring the desert on!

My wheeled vehicles bog down in broken ground
My guys don’t have to rout if woods or buildings can’t be found
The sand, it minimizes any H.E. blast                                
I won’t play with sand dunes, they’re a pain in the ass!

D.T.O.!  D.T.O.!
Hollow Legions and Alamein
D.T.O.!  D.T.O.!
An A.S.L. paragon
For years I’ve planned
So now I’ll play
Let Khamsins* rage on!                                      

Sandstorms never bothered me anyway!


  1. Megan Kleinschmidt did a wonderful Job at singing. Nice to see the show drop some serious coin for some real professionals. Oh , and the Show ain't bad either .... Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you very much for the kind comments. We will pass them on to Megan!

  3. Great song! Still listening to the rest of the episode...

  4. Ok, the rules part was annoying. Better luck next time.

  5. Still love the "musical" intro to What have you been playin' lately. Don't ever get rid of it, it's hilarious.
    Still love the podcast - keep them coming.

    Adam - Australia

  6. Megan was amazing! But you didn't give her a mention! What a voice!

  7. The Guido bit is annoying and distracting - not funny. If it weren't for the Desert Rules, the portion I was interested in, I would have tuned out and moved to another website.

  8. We are sorry that you had to endure that. Guido has been asked to never to return to our show.....