Monday, October 10, 2016

Episode 167: Get a Load of This Clown

Hello...... do you think clowns are scary? But, have you given a thought to the nice clowns?  How do they feel in this age of clown fear and clown terror?  You can have all of these questions answered right now, as we reveal what's behind all this clowning around. You may want to grab a bucket of confetti for self-defense before you have a listen.

You may well wonder "What do clowns have to do with Advanced Squad Leader?" Well, try as we might to find a clever connection.....we just couldn't. Although there are two clowns who regularly put out this podcast.

Later we dive into the Desert rules, climb a hillock, trudge through sand, rest in a sangar before leaping over a cactus hedge and into a cactus patch, which hurts a lot.  So we head through the broken terrain, past an olive grove and stop in the vineyard to have a drink and rest for the evening. Of course, it's a bit more complicated than that, so listen up and we will give you the gritty rules details.

This episode is sponsored by Ritterkrieg

1:00 Long Clown Banter
17:00 Letters
36:00 Desert Rules
1:19:46   Total Running Time

Scary Clown Not News Story
HOB's Special Forces 1 Desert SAS and LDRG Pack
West of Alamein on ASL Webdex
MichiCon (too late for this year but plan for next year)

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  1. I think you got this rule wrong when you were talking about the sand rules in chapter F: 7.421 The +2 DRM for Entrenching *does not* apply in a sand location. In other words, it is easier not harder to Entrench in a sand hex compared to a Desert Open Ground hex.

  2. Hey Jeff and Dave. Another good episode... plenty of banter followed by some excellent explanation and dialogue of desert rules. Good stuff. By any chance are you fellows offering up any "Chachkies" for me to stuff my Christmas stocking? I already have 2 shirts a hat, and OBA cards. You guys are well on your way to episode 200. I think it is time for me to "reboot" and return to episode #1, start listening all over. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

  3. No plans for any "Chachkies" at this point. At least not until we sell the last 6 hats. It is always fun to reboot and start again at episode #1.

  4. Simpsons has done 600 episodes...just sayin'

  5. Hi Guys, There is a Puget Sound ASL group that meets every second Saturday at the Town Center at Lake Forest Park (this is in the Seattle metro area) . New players are welcome. I'm a beginner at ASL and still playing SK and beginning scenarios but would be happy to connect with your correspondent.